Kartik Chandra

Co-Founder and Portfolio Lead
Morphosis Venture Advisors

I grew up in a family of academicians, and constant learning was a major part of my life. I’ve never taken success for granted, never backed away from an exciting challenge, and was always pushed by my family to raise the bar higher and always stay learning.

Through my own professional experiences, I have worked with clients and organisations across industries and stayed a generalist - learning the ropes of healthcare, financial services, energy, logistics, B2C & B2B commerce etc. I have also spent time with pre-product start-ups as well as Big Tech and understand the nuances required to scale from 0 to 1 to 10 and beyond. Working with startups as a trusted partner provides an exciting opportunity to embark on a continual learning journey. Every meeting with a founding team is an “Aha!” moment for me to connect the dots better and learn something new.

Prior to co-founding Morphosis, I had stints at Google in Europe, EY-Parthenon across MENA and a large energy player in the Middle East. Through my career, I advised and helped over 25 companies in the Technology, Consumer Goods, Industrials and Energy sectors on innovation, business & product strategy, go to market & distribution, M&A and organisational change. I started my career with Trefis, a venture-backed Fintech startup where I donned two hats - leading coverage of Enterprise SaaS/Software companies, and working on enhancing product & user experience. Throughout my non-linear career path, I have tried to stay true to the values espoused by my parents - be humble and authentic, persevere to break boundaries, and be open-minded to new experiences.

At Morphosis, I bring my experience of working with various organizations across EMEA and APAC to lead portfolio growth and international expansion initiatives. Equally, I get excited imagining products and brainstorming ideas that have the potential to disrupt the status-quo. I seek to reach a deep belief in the investments I make, first through collection of company-specific and industry-level data points that enable us to assess each opportunity objectively and then through interactions with founding teams and a thorough understanding of their vision and mission. At the end of the day, I am excited to forge lasting friendships and am eager to ride the roller coaster of entrepreneurship together.

I hold Bachelors and Masters degrees in Engineering from IIT Kharagpur and an MBA from University of Cambridge. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling the world & experiencing new cultures, and being a continued supporter of Liverpool F.C.