• Theme Built in India for the World,
    ESG-positive business models
  • Sector B2B Marketplace, FinTech
  • Geography India, US, EU, APAC
  • Location Delhi (HQ), UK
  • Status Active
  • Investment Stage Pre-Series
  • Year Of Investment 2022


Full stack sourcing platform for global apparel brands providing a unified business management interface, supply-chain financing and Generative AI based creative assistance to vendors in emerging markets to conduct business with international buyers.

Why we invested in Reevooy ?

Globally, apparel sourcing is a highly fragmented business with brands procuring inventory from a large base of vendors spread across multiple geographies – which is difficult to manage at scale given concerns around capacity and quality of vendors, especially new ones. Vendors in turn lack access to global demand.

For manufacturers supplying to global brands, working capital is a concern due to lengthy payment terms of brands and upfront raw material investment required – coupled with the inability of traditional lenders to underwrite the trade between manufacturers and brands.

We believe the full stack sourcing and lending approach where Reevooy acts as the bridge between the brands and the manufacturer gives Reevooy access to proprietary transaction data on the platform, enabling it to better underwrite the trade and offer invoice factoring as a service to manufacturers.

Additionally, Reevooy’s digital capabilities are helping manufacturers and brands alike in reducing the concept-design-manufacture cycle by providing a platform for streamlining and digitizing businesses processes as well as enabling them to leverage innovations in generative AI to enhance productivity and competitiveness. This enables smaller manufacturers to work with global brands, creating massive positive ESG impact of making small manufacturers more profitable and aligned with world class industry practices, and in turn creating employment opportunities at the local level.

We believe this model is replicable across other manufacturing geographies such as Philippines, Bangladesh and Indonesia making Reevooy a truly global solution that is build in India and has tremendous ESG implications.


“Morphosis on our cap table has helped us unlock multiple facets including GTM and product roadmap. Morphosis team is committed to success of the company and is our thought partner as we disrupt the global fashion supply chain”