• Theme Built in India for the World,
    ESG-positive Opportunities
  • Sector Deep Tech
  • Geography India, USA
  • Location Newark (HQ), Bangalore
  • Status Active
  • Investment Stage Seed
  • Year Of Investment 2023


Rightbot designs, develops, and deploys completely autonomous and collaborative robotics solutions for warehouses and distribution centers to automate repetitive human tasks such as unloading, item picking etc. and drive enhanced operational productivity.

Why we invested in Rightbot ?

Very few segments have sustained the kind of double-digit growth as witnessed in ecommerce over the last decade, driving by increasing mobile and Internet penetration rates and low mobile data rates. This growth in overall demand coupled with heightened customer needs for faster deliveries, has created significant stress across the supply chain.

Yet, more than 60% of warehouses in US have very low or no level of automation and 30-35% of warehouse facilities use basic mechanical solutions like conveyor systems coupled with significant human operations. Warehouse automation plays a key role in achieving positive unit economics for the ecommerce industry, which is under pressure for more profitable growth.

Rightbot addresses this problem of profitable growth at its core through its human-assisted pick-and-put RoboCart solution and trailer loading/unloading SherLock solution. The company and has successfully completed pilot deployments with very large ecommerce players in India and demonstrated significant improvement in operational efficiency and worker productivity.

We believe the company has strong potential to carve out a clear niche for itself across warehouse facilities as market adoption for robotics solutions continues to gain momentum. Furthermore, the founding team comes highly experienced in robotics and retail - Abhinav built vision systems and the tech stack at GreyOrange and Anurag was a consultant with supply chain consulting leader Kearney and later with Carlsberg.


"The Morphosis team came across as equal measures highly energetic as well as humble. Very early on, even before the parties had signed off, they started adding value by making the right connects. As an early stage startup, we got a strong feeling that with them, we could together figure it out."