• Theme Built in India for the World,
    ESG-positive Opportunities
  • Sector Education
  • Geography India
  • Location Singapore (HQ), New Delhi
  • Status Active
  • Investment Stage Seed
  • Year Of Investment 2022


India’s largest B2B EdTech platform that works with private K-12 schools to offer affordable online learning programs to middle and low income families.

Why we invested in Uolo ?

India is the worlds largest K-12 market with 267 million students, but penetration of online education is very low (~3.7%) even with 2 unicorns in the space.

In a country with 50% smartphone penetration and 43% internet penetration, one of the key reasons for low EdTech adoption is the high CAC driven B2C models of the existing solutions which makes them unaffordable to the masses.

We believe Uolo’s B2B2C model is the perfect fit to address this market gap – with schools, as influencers, able to help the company build trust with parents. The model also lends itself to a significant lower CAC and a clear path to profitability as compared to B2C models that have consumed billions.

Additionally, Uolo is the market leader in the space in India and is run by a high quality and experienced founding team with a prior track record of building and exiting businesses.


“Priced at 5X more than what parents can pay, the Edtech market in India is structurally broken. As Uolo attempts to make EdTech affordable and available to masses, we could not have found a partner better than Morphosis - a partner committed to working with us as we scale rapidly and responsibly.”